Get Your Garden Green

It has become readily apparent that the world is running out of potable water. Every news outlet continually reminds us that we have a finite resource when it comes to the water that we use.

How do we cope with this problem?

Strangely enough it isn’t by drinking less H2O or by bathing less – it’s usually our gardens that are the problem. Watering lawns and planting trees and keeping everything hydrated is what might be placing all the pressure on our water resources.

There may be a solution – that is planting indigenous species such as cacti and succulents in our gardens. These plants consume far less water than imported species and are also immensely drought resistant.

Not only that but there are a wide variety of succulents and cacti that are tremendously attractive.

Many of them flower at regular intervals and attract insects that also help to pollinate the other native wildflowers and flora that are part of the precious natural heritage of the environment that we all enjoy.

However it is the nature of these plants that we should take into account. Evolution has given them the ability to flourish where other plants might wither and die. By planting these species in your garden you are not only providing a magnificent vista for visitors to admire – you are also providing a habitat for other species to enjoy.

Succulents and Cacti are not only part and parcel of an arid environment, they are also part of a web of life that is increasingly more endangered. It may seem to many people that the desert environment is harsh and without value – and indeed almost impervious to human harm.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The arid nature of the desert is a cover for millions of intricately woven webs of existence. And the Cacti and succulents are key to the survival of the creatures that call that environment home.

Planting cacti and succulents on your property not only saves you money on your water costs – it also does something else. It provides an environment where many creatures, both big and small can thrive.

So why should one look at cactuses and succulents as part of the garden that you are planning? There are a variety of reasons. The first of these is off course the water issue. Water is a scarce resource and it is becoming scarcer. The amount you consume will not only harm the environment – but it will become increasingly more expensive as the years go by. Saving water now by planting cacti and succulents is a great idea to conserve that scarce resource.

Secondly – there are a variety of these plants that simply look great. Each and every home and garden store will have a selection that will amaze even the most avid gardener.

Thirdly – Wouldn’t you love to be able to look out your window and see a beautiful cactus garden in all it’s splendor. The guys at rcwindowsdoors.com tell us they love theirs and recommend one to all their customers.

There is no reason not to look at these types of plants – they cost very little and the upkeep is even cheaper.